Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Life Smiles ...

-- Archana and Nishant

We all wait for the ultimate D-day - the day when we are on the top of the world with everyone and everything looking up to us, ... the day we truly arrive! Nonetheless, while we continue our journey to scale that peak, there are some nuggets of pleasure strewn across our paths which we come across in our daily lives. We enumerate a few of these small pleasures which we have found on our way (in no particular order)... :)

1. Having just enough from the last squeeze of the toothpaste
2. Hot ginger tea on a lazy morning
3. The other side of the pillow
4. Having exact change (down to pennies!) to pay at the shop
5. Finding an old photograph
6. Spotting a rainbow after a downpour
7. Smell of the moist earth after rains
8. Smoldering aloo pakoras on a rainy day
9. Birds perched/hopping outside the window (don't scare them if you want to have full `paisa vasool')
10. Distant ringing bells of morning prayers
11. Making it just in time to catch a bus

....... to be contd.

Additions welcome.