Saturday, August 17, 2013

Is this the end of English?

Breaking News!

Google sides with traitors to the English language over dictionary definition of literally

If you don't believe me ask Ambrose Bierce who tried to teach us write right, back in 1909. The entire book is available online through Project Gutenberg, though such a gem must/should have seen light of the day.

He argues -- "Literally for Figuratively. It is bad enough to exaggerate, but to affirm the truth of the exaggeration is intolerable."  The rest of it also makes for a quite a fun read.

I 'confess' that I 'still continue' to 'literally' fume abut Google being literally 'mistaken' about 'literally'. Rest, 'later on'.  I guess I definitely need a personal copy of Bierce's book. Literally!