Friday, January 30, 2015

Jazba - An Ode to Physics

Recently, things have been considerably difficult for me on the professional front. I have contemplated various possible scenarios to resolve these things and a solution still eludes me. Nonetheless, these ruminations made me realize how deeply and emotionally connected I feel towards my research, and physics in general. This is an ode to this first love of my life.


Teri tasveer se dil chak ho
Ye kismat humein manzoor hai
Par ise dekh kar dum bharna
Is dhadkan ka dastoor hai.

Tu aaye na aaye
Meri nazaron ke bas mein nahi
Par tera intezaar-e-girya hi
Deta inhe noor hai.

Tera paak falaq
Meri khalish se nadaan sahi
Par mera chaahat-e-abr bhi
Barasta door-door hai.

Tujhe chahne waalon mein
Mera naam peechhe aaye shayad
Par meri mohabbat ka charcha
Suna phir bhi mashoor hai.

                               -- Archana

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nostalgia lost

Walking through this street
The memories elude me
I must have been here some time
Not sure when exactly...

Place to laugh with friends
And many words to say
I don't hear well like before
Silence drowns the chatter away...

Gone are the milky swirls in my coffee
And the little joint where I used to eat
Everything is better and new
Bit too strong, a bit too neat...

New retreats and new ways
Come forth and greet the known
Not the strange stranger
A wanderer on her own...

The day is almost over
I am tired and lost
A kind passerby tells me to find a bus
Pointing towards a new glass box...

Sitting here and closing my eyes
around a dirty brown recess of my mind
I find the street I was looking for
All over, and where I find...

The box empties and fills with voices
On the old street I now stand alone
Let me wander here a bit longer today
Let me never go back home...

                                     -- Archana