Wednesday, September 26, 2012


A paper on the project that I had been working on for almost three years got accepted today in a very decent journal. Super-relieved! And still in love with physics!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Yours confidentially!

I am beginning to feel that there are actually quite a lot of topics, which I would like to blog about without divulging my identity. This emotion is not borne out of fear of any kind but rather out of a concern of losing the objectivity of a discussion due to audience identifying/confusing my views with my personality (of course the new pieces will still be my views but it won't be like oh yeah! she would think like that because I know she is so and so...). Plus no one can deny that anonymity gives one much more independence of expression. At the same time I feel that maintaining even one blog requires a time commitment which I find hard to fulfill. So I need a show of hands from my blog-friends -- please take the opinion poll on the right and allow me to share your views on the matter.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Adieu Annus Academici

Dear academic new year (new year starts late for academicians, just like everything else!),

Welcome back! You have always been special for me, since as far back in the past, as I can care to remember. Though our relationship has been tenuous in the past few years with me not doing anything special to celebrate your birthday like before -- buying new books, clothes... stuff,  you have been continued to remain an eagerly awaited friend. Being a graduate student, my life does not particularly conform to any academic calendar with the "commencement" and "finals" strictly controlled by the unpredictable nature of my research. Nonetheless the emails announcing welcome receptions for my past-forward versions on campus (I am not on 10 mailing lists for nothing!), or the repeated reminders from the irritated registrar to register for another term yet again, have kept me informed of your whereabouts. It seemed to me as if our relationship evolved with every "student" year of my life and we moved on from being friends to lovers to a matured couple. We grew out from going into raptures on meeting each other after year long gaps into exchanging quick warm hugs as we crossed each other.

In fact, when I opted for graduate school, I was privately happy for being with you for a few more years by extending my student life. So, it has rather come as a shock  to realize that I will cease to be a part of your circle after all this time. You are probably going to be the last one which I can celebrate yet again as a student as I would have moved on into professional life before you come back next year! So you are really extra special. I never thought about this moment of bidding adieu to you as I never really thought of it coming. But next year, when I brush my bag and overturn it to empty it of the bits and pieces of last year, re-arrange the pens and pencils in its pocket (I don't remember why and when I stopped using a pencil-box!), label new folders and sort my papers... it would be to shake hands and share a smile with you for the wonderful time we spent together.


Monday, January 23, 2012

मेरे घर का पता ...

I got married recently. And as per the perplexing traditions of our society, I left my parent's home and entered a new home with a loving new family. Amidst all the celebrations and excitement, I wonder where do I belong now... This blog defines that for me. (I will include the English translation sometime later.)

जहां आसमान कुछ ज्यादा बड़ा सा है
जहां बोली का रंग थोड़ा खरा सा है
जहां धूप में कुछ ज्यादा गर्मी सी है
जहां हाथों में कुछ ज्यादा नरमी सी है

जहां फूटपाथ के किनारों पर पेड़ो के पत्ते कुछ धुन्दले से हैं
और सडकों पर बेवजह मेले से हैं
जहां गमलों के पौधों में कहीं एक गुलाब भी है
जहां रातों को छत से दिखता एक आफताब भी है

जहां पहलू में बंधा चाबी का एक गुच्छा है
जहां अचारों की अम्बियाँ का स्वाद अभी कच्चा है
जहां आँगन की धूप में कपड़े कुछ पके से हैं
और गिलहरियों के चबाये कुछ चने बिखरे से हैं

जहां चिरय्या के हौद में बाजरा अब भी रहता है
जहां सड़क पर राह चलता कभी भैया कहता है
जहां पेड़ों की ठंडी छांव है
गली के उसी किसी कोने में मेरा मकान है.

-----------------------------------------------Transliterated version--------------------------------------------
Jahaan aasman kuchh zyaada bada sa hai
Jahaan boli ka rang thoda khara sa hai
Jahaan dhoop mein kuchh zyaada garmi si hai
Jahaan haathon mein kuchh zyaada narmi si hai

Jahaan footpath ke kinaron par pedon ke patte kuchh dhundle se hain
aur sadkon par bewajah mele se hain
Jahaan gamlon ke paudhon mein kahin ek gulab bhi hai
Jahaan raaton ko chhat se dikhta ek aftaab bhi hai

Jahaan pehloo mein bandha chabi ka ek guchchha hai
Jahaan acharon ki ambiyan ka swad abhi kachcha hai
Jahaan aangan ki dhoop mein kapde kuchh pake se hain
aur gilhariyon ke chabaye kuchh chane bikhre se hain

Jahaan chirayya ke haude mein bajra ab bhi rehta hai
Jahaan sadak par raah chalta kabhi bhaiya kehta hai
Jahaan pedon ki thandi chhaaon hai
gali ke usi kisi kone mein mera makaan hai.

                                                              -- Archana