Friday, September 21, 2012

Yours confidentially!

I am beginning to feel that there are actually quite a lot of topics, which I would like to blog about without divulging my identity. This emotion is not borne out of fear of any kind but rather out of a concern of losing the objectivity of a discussion due to audience identifying/confusing my views with my personality (of course the new pieces will still be my views but it won't be like oh yeah! she would think like that because I know she is so and so...). Plus no one can deny that anonymity gives one much more independence of expression. At the same time I feel that maintaining even one blog requires a time commitment which I find hard to fulfill. So I need a show of hands from my blog-friends -- please take the opinion poll on the right and allow me to share your views on the matter.


  1. First, objectivity is over-rated. Second, an opinion needs a context. The personality plays a vital role in shaping that context. Also the degree of freedom to express exercised is a personal decision. However, if you are willing to be honest, you have all the freedom.

    Referees are expected to be objective. And in matters of the world we dare not take the role of a referee. We must participate as players.

  2. Thanks Utpal. Good point -- will definitely keep this in mind!