Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nostalgia lost

Walking through this street
The memories elude me
I must have been here some time
Not sure when exactly...

Place to laugh with friends
And many words to say
I don't hear well like before
Silence drowns the chatter away...

Gone are the milky swirls in my coffee
And the little joint where I used to eat
Everything is better and new
Bit too strong, a bit too neat...

New retreats and new ways
Come forth and greet the known
Not the strange stranger
A wanderer on her own...

The day is almost over
I am tired and lost
A kind passerby tells me to find a bus
Pointing towards a new glass box...

Sitting here and closing my eyes
around a dirty brown recess of my mind
I find the street I was looking for
All over, and where I find...

The box empties and fills with voices
On the old street I now stand alone
Let me wander here a bit longer today
Let me never go back home...

                                     -- Archana

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