Friday, February 13, 2009


This was a result of those idle moments, which stretched themselves into a good hour and a half of complete detachment from physics - a love of my life in good hair days. It may not be a masterpiece but it should make for a tolerable reading. I must confess that the first four lines which culminated in the rest, are not mine though I can't clearly remember when and how I came across these simple, yet powerful words.

A little bit of everything
makes this little life
A little bit to laugh
and a little bit to cry

A little bit to hide
a little bit to share
A little bit to quit
a little bit to dare

A little bit to make
a little bit to break
A little bit to mend
a little bit to forsake

A little bit to forget
a little bit to remember
A little bit to know
a little bit to wonder

A little bit of sunshine
a little bit of sky
A little bit of rain
and little spells dry

A little bit of smiles
a little bit of tears
A little bit of dreams
a little bit of fears

A little bit of efforts
a little bit of fate
Lots to love
and a little bit to hate

A little bit of you
a little bit of me
makes this little life
a long story...

            -- Archana
(to be continued..)


  1. Nice poem ... A little poem covers the full life [:)]

  2. The sum total of Life as a whole is neutral (zero), having been made up of exactly equal and opposite forces, feelings & ...This neutrality or zero in itself is not such a mean or boring thing, as it may initially appear. It represents great balance, power, and perfect harmony wherein all tits and bits, bearing equal and opposite charges/forces have settled down and found their real source and meaning that is beyond existential perceived reality!