Friday, September 4, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

Media: Movie
Genre: Pathetic

Okay, I really wanted to write something on the blog. A new month has started and as it is unrolling, I see I'll find less and less time to wag my tongue online. So I thought that I might as well indulge in this soothing exercise of blogging right away and write about something even if it is pitiful. So it is about this movie which I watched with my friend at a Mall a few weeks ago -- recently released, and non-conventional title. I was intrigued...

It is a movie about this guy who time travels, all over the place without control. And when he does so in his hurry he leaves behind his clothes..captivating hunh (?). He starts this habit of 'never being in time' as a child when he time travels out of car in which he is traveling with his mother. The car gets crashed in an accident but he time travels and saves himself (after watching the movie you'd wish that he didn't). And then we all know, bad habits die hard... and so he continues...meets his wife when she is a child, forgets her when she actually grows up and meets him, then goes back in time and meets her again in childhood, in the meantime his older self returns and gets married to his wife when actually he should be marrying him - what? ..........whatever! And the mystery continues - mystery of what was the story writer thinking when he was writing this crap. (may be was also a traveler from his kindergarten past trying to write a Hollywood flick). And it does not end there - his baby also keeps traveling out of his wife's womb leading to miscarriages...yuck!

Still I sat through this.... only to end up wishing ardently that I could also travel back in time to stop myself from buying the tickets and put my money to some good use instead..cheers to another bag of popcorn (without the movie of course!).


  1. hahaha, the movie sounds really horrible, but the book its based on is really quite good, try and read if you can, it has a different story and not at all confusing, it's by Audrey Niffenegger.

    You've got a nice blog, keep writing

  2. Yeah.. movies rarely capture the beauty of books. But this one is rarer still as such absolute travesties are also unmatched. Would try a read of the actual novel.

    Glad u liked the blog :)