Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reprise of the dream

This is in continuation of the preceding piece - the dream of a pebble.

On the dark damp ocean floor
the rays of the sun shivered
The day and night
merged one into other.

It lay there dead
distant from life
Unable to look at the sun
defeated in its strife.

It remembered the days on the shores
swept by waves on the yellow sands
Thinking of the warm sun
and playing in children’s hands.

One day as it lay deep under a rock
abandoned by a tempestuous wave
A blue wind picked it up
out of the crevice and into a cave.

Banished into the darkest corner
it lay there waiting for the final breath
When a mighty wave swirled it around
and tossed it-turned it round and round.
It closed it eyes to the fury so wild
and took its last sight of the wave so white.

The day was new
the sun shone bright
And again the waters on the shore
wore the golden sunlight.

Two dirty hands of a child
found a shell buried in the sands
Curious to see what’s inside
the urchin broke open the shell on its side.

He stared in amazement
at the pearl in his hand
It seemed whiter than the waves
and brighter than the glowing sand.

He rubbed it clean with his dirty hands
and put it in the inner pocket of his pants
And walked back to his castle on the white foam
the pebble had finally found its home.

                                              -- Archana


  1. Beautiful set of poems!!!

  2. u wrote it urself....its a literary masterpiece i must say.
    great work sis

  3. I was depressed after reading the first part. But, life came a full circle in the 2nd leg of the poem. Good one. Suggest giving poetry a more seriois attempt :)