Friday, September 20, 2013

Link SING!

 What is a really really fun ways to talk about physics?  Answer: Music, as proved by the links below.

1. A cappella String theory, loops, renormalization (basically everything none of us quite understand).

2. A sonnet on Quantum Error Correction by Daniel Gottesman.

3. A poem on Quantum Cryptography by John Preskill. I liked it so much that I am putting it here.

Alice said to her friend Eve,
"Why do you practice to deceive?
You know I need to talk to Bob.
Without that I won't have a job.
"Bob can't know where my note has been.
He thinks that you are listening in.
He wonders if it's safe enough
For me to send him secret stuff.
"And Bob's right not to trust you, Eve,
With quantum tricks stuffed up your sleeve.
But he thinks we can freeze you out,
With quantum tricks we've learned about.
"With quantum states, what we achieve
Defeats whatever you conceive.
So even Bob has to believe
That you can’t hear us, can you Eve?"  
                                      (John Preskill)

You can "eve-sdrop" on some of Preskill's other verses here.


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