Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and also his/her coordinates

I recently came across this really interesting socio-cultural experiment undertaken by a women journalist. She sent a picture of hers to more than 40 photographers across 2 countires and asked them to touch up her pic using photoshop and "make her look beautiful" . The detailed news report can be found here with different versions of the pics she received from across the globe. Besides clear elucidation of the fact that perception of beauty is largely cultural in context, it also reflects some strong social and religious underpinnings in specific cases -- brought out most strikingly by Moroccon version which I enclose below (do I need to seek permission for this?)

Assuming that photoshopping skills are constant across the region (which is clearly not true), I am tempted to share my observations on some of the pics here. I (and my occasional jest) have absolutely no intent to hurt some one's feelings or pride about their culture.

1. Morocco - Ahem ahem.
2. India - (Ignoring the Croor-Singh eyebrows) We like our girls to be shy, modest and look demure.
(It may also explain the mysterious diultion of clavicle and female anatomy neck down.)


3. Venezuela - We like our girls to be in "pink" of health.


4. Argentina - Let us hit the club.. again (and raise a glass to Lionel Messi.)


5. Vietnam - Either they are super secure in their skins, or the just don't get photoshop!


6. Philippines - So what if I still believe that my girl friend is a femme fatale (and a scary one at that!)


7. Sri Lanka - Do people really use green eye shadow with orange lipsticks??
sri lanka

8. United States -  I knew Matrix was true and all of us are one giant simulation run by aliens with green eyes.

9. UK - I love my queens, princesses (essentially all royalty et al.) and everyone that looks like them.


10. Australia - I just find it pritty wee-erd that you don't have blue eyes! And whoever advised you to not blush your cheeks has got a kangaroo loose in his top paddock.


11. Bangladesh - One needs to eat lot of maacher-jhol to have hair like that.


12. Chile - I want to be fashionable and I am still figuring out what the hell it means.


13. Germany - I basically want you to look like that pic of my great grandma, hanging in the old library of my 4th mansion.

14. Greece - I believe in eternal beauty, even if it requires you to go to bed with your make up on (and please don't flutter those super long eyelashes in surprise!)

15. Indonesia - I wish I was fairer!

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