Friday, April 17, 2015

NPM - Day 5

The motivation for the NPM series is to celebrate April 2015 -- the National poetry month (hence NPM in the title), by sharing a favorite poem of mine every day of this month, starting April 13, 2015. 

Yes, so day 4 has gone by without me finding a few moments of solitude with my blog. The concerns of my research kept me busy but to make up for it I am giving a real treat this time and sharing a few of my favorite urdu couplets today. Hope we like it!

1. By Faiz Ahmad Faiz -- one of the absolute giants of Urdu poetry in the 20th century

Ek tarz-e-taghaful hai so woh un ko mubarak
ek arz-e-tamanna hai so woh hum karte rahenge

(They can continue to fancy the style of neglect
As for me, I will continue to keep alive my desire)

2.  By Ahmad Faraaz  --- the poet who wrote my most favorite ghazals of all time -- Ranjish hi Sahi, which was rendered immortal in the voice of Mehdi Hassan

Ab aur kya kisi se maraasim badaayein hum
Ye bhi bahut hai tujhko agar bhool jaayein hum

(Now why try and strike acquaintance with some one
It is already too much of an effort to forget you...)

3. By Gulzar, the famous poet and lyricist

Waqt rehta nahi kahin tik kar
Aadat uski bhi aadmi si hai

(Time does not stay still anywhere
It shares this habit with humans)

4. By Allama Iqbal --- Urdu poet, pilosopher whose wrote famous ghazals such as 'khudi ko kar buland itna', 'saare jahaan se achchha hindustaan hamaara', and is known for his similar motivating pieces

Tu shahiin hai parvaaz hai kaam tera
Tere saamne aasmaan aur bhi hain

(You are a bird with a duty to fly
In front of you there lie many skies..)

5. By Jan Nisaar Akhtar -- acclaimed poet and father of Javed Akhtar, the famous lyricist and poet in his own right

Quvvat-e-taamir thi kaisi khas-o-khashaak mein
Aandhiyaan chalti rahi aur aashiyaan banta gaya

(There was some strange power to create in the dry grass,
The wind kept roaring and the nest was conceived)

6. By Nida Fazli -- popular for modern Urdu poetry

Yaqeen chand pe suraj mein aetbaar bhi rakh
Magar nigaah mein thoda intezaar bhi rakh

(Have faith in the moon and trust your sun
But retain some patience in your eyes too)

7. By Firaq Gorakhpuri --- a prolific Urdu poet known for his subtle and romantic poetry

Bahut pehle se un qadmon ki aahat jaan lete hain
Tujhe ai zindagi hum duur se pehchaan lete hain

(Since long I know the tinkle of your feet
My life, I can recognize you from a great distance)

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